A leading manufacturer of RF and microwave laboratory devices, calibration standards and system components, serving all areas of the microwave and RF industry with special emphasis on RF device characterization and automated tuner systems.

  • Precision microwave instruments and components including coaxial/waveguide to 50/110 GHz devices, noise parameter measurement systems, load pull measurement, and noise calibration systems
  • Test Essentials™‚ and Stability Cables™‚ directly available through Maury E-Store


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Milliwave Silicon Solutions manufactures Millibox: a compact and economical mmWave radiation pattern test chamber for 18-95 GHz applications. It has a modular design: 80-200cm far-field chamber with available 2-axis 360 degree gimbal with open-source SW controller. Perfect solution for 5G, 60 GHz 802.11ad/802.11ay, 77 GHz automotive radar and misc. mmWave applications.


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Signal Microwave

Designs and builds RF/microwave connectors and test boards. Started with the mission of creating solutions for the Signal Integrity/High Speed Digital market. Utilizes techniques from the Military and Aerospace markets and are made in the USA and Europe using military grade materials and processes. The company is moving beyond current technology to create innovative new connector and PC board products up to 110 GHz.


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Power dividers/combiners to 16 way, high power passives to 2kW, directional couplers to 20 GHz, hybrids, pick-off tees, rack mount assemblies.